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The Design

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In order to mitigate the effects of mold on human health, we aim to ease the detection of mold through an in-home mold spore detector that alerts homeowners when mold spore levels are dangerously high.




Mold is often found when it has already spread or began to create health problems for individuals who have been exposed. We want to detect mold when it starts growing and address the situation before it escalates.

Our idea is to create a mold spore indicator, which can measure the number of spores in the air and alert household residents if there are too many spores in the air.





Bella is a design student studying at NC State University. She has dealt with a lifelong battle with mold and it has affected all aspects of her everyday life. She developed an autoimmune disorder due to a 2-year Aspergillus Penicillium Mold and Black Mold exposure in her house in Memphis, Tennessee. This forced her and her mother to evacuate the home for remediation and they were never able to move back in. Today she is very careful in environments she chooses to put herself in and has major issues when exposed to certain chemicals. These include scents, air fresheners, pesticides, and of course mold. She works really hard in her architecture classes and the challenges she faces in her daily life outside of school.


Final Spore Presentation (6).jpg
Final Spore Presentation (10).jpg
Final Spore Presentation (10).jpg

Spore will blink teal when the pod needs to be replaced, which will occur every 6 months



In the future, we aim to improve the user experience with a mobile app which will alert the user if mold has been detected.

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Want to learn more?

Check out our video about our design + how our product works!

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