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Read about what our sponsors, supports, prominent startup opportunities, and various news articles are saying about Vitaliti!

Dean Julia DeVoy,

"From the very beginning, it was clear that goals for these incredibly talented women were not only to create a successful design project (Spore) for their ‘ACC Design for ImpACCt’ fall 2021 course but, more importantly, to support the improved health of others by developing a cutting-edge mold detection device and innovative new business.


What sets the Spore product and Vitaliti company apart are an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusivity, equity, environmental wellness, and social responsibility.


I know that the Vitaliti journey is just beginning, and I can't wait to see more of what these female entrepreneurs will certainly achieve!"

Vitaliti Interns

Teddy Crowther

BC '26

"This internship has given me incredible insight into the entrepreneurial landscape, tangible skills through research, marketing, and communication, while showing me a holistic view of the business world in general."

Jack Carroll

BC '24

"Connecting back to the mission and values of Boston College, it has been great to work with a diverse group of people to achieve the goal of helping people by the building of our product. It has also been especially amazing to work for a startup that is completely founded by women and it amazing that Boston College is a school that allows teams like that to flourish and offers their support."

Teresa Knestout

BC '24

"I am excited about Vitaliti! I have the power to make a difference, bettering the health and wellness sector as
well as helping three inspiring female entrepreneurs’ visions come true.


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